Canicross - Hands Free Dog Activity Gear

Hands Free Leashes, Hands Free Dog Walking, Jogging with Dogs and Running with Dogs are all Hands Free Dog Acivities which can be referred to as Canicross or Canix.   CanaDog is an International Leader in manufacturing and distributing Premium Quality Canicross / Hands Free Dog Walking Gear which keeps your walk, jog or hike under control with the comfort and convenience of our high quality products.  Canicross is a Dog Powered Sport with great appeal in most of the UK and parts of Europe and is growing quickly throughout North America.  Canicross sometimes called canix is basically cross country running with your dog.  Canicross can be a competitive sport, but mostly it’s well suited to individuals who prefer walking hands free with their dog, jogging or running hands free with their dog, hiking hands free with their dog and even pushing a stroller hands free with their dog.

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