Measuring Your Dog For A CanaDog Harness

Please take the time to watch the Instructional Videos below before measuring your dog

Use a soft measuring tape. Be sure the dog is standing!

  1. A to B From Point A ~ base of neck just in front of shoulder blades to Point B ~ breast bone. Find where the breast bone is most prominent, just where the neck turns into the chest. You want to measure about 1″ onto this triangular bone. DO NOT MEASURE ABOVE IT ON THE SOFT NECK you will end up with a harness too small. Remember, you are not measuring for a collar so don’t loop the tape around and try to measure a circumference. We only need one straight measurement from A to B. ( See video)
  2. A to D From Point A ~ base of neck just in front of the shoulder blades pull the tape diagonally across the ribcage to just above the place where your dog’s belly begins to tuck up and the ribcage ends. Find the last rib ~ Point D. Your tape should be mid-body, NOT ON THE BELLY OR UP AT THE BACKBONE. ( See video)
  3. A to C From Point A ~ base of neck just in front of the shoulder blades pull the tape straight down the spine all the way to the base of the tail ~ Point C. This is wear your dog’s tail leaves the body. ( See video)

CanaDog Sizing Guide for Regular X-Back and Collared Style Harnesses

The A-B Measurement & A-C Measurement along with weight are the most important for sizing. Many people have trouble finding the proper A-D Measurement and for that reason we have left it out of our guide.

A-B(neck) A-C(withers-tail Weight
Small 10″ 21-22″ 30-30 lbs
Medium 11″ 23-24″ 40-50 lbs
Large 12″ 24-25″ 50-65 lbs
XL 13″ 25-26″ 65-80 lbs

CanaDog also covers those in between sizes SL, ML, LL, etc.
SL is a Small Neck and a Medium Body (or LONG) and would measure something like:

A-B(neck) A-C(withers-tail Weight
10″ 23.5″ 45 lbs

The SL harness would be an inch or so longer than the SMALL size with extra room in the body, but the necksize would remain 10″. The ML, LL, would be sized up the same way.

These are not considered custom sizing and remain regular price.

Harnesses larger than XL are considered OVERSIZE and there is a custom sizing fee.

Shorty Harness

Follow sizing guide above.paying attention to neck measurement and weight.

After viewing the Instructional Videos and taking your measurements by following the given instructions, you are still unsure or you think your dog may have a unique build, please do not hesitate to Contact Us



Explaining the difference between CanaDog’s Regular X-Back Harness and CanaDog’s Collared “Supercharge” Style Harness. Tips on how to get the proper fitting harness for your dog as well as explaining how different styles of harness suit different types of sled dogs from the “Houndier” Alaskan Husky to the more traditional Siberian Husky.

Part 2 of 3 : Instructional Video on HOW A HARNESS SHOULD FIT

Part 3 of 3: Instructional Video on HOW A HARNESS SHOULD FIT.