Frequently Asked Questions here at CanaDog include:

We have all the information you should need on our Sizing page. If you still have questions after viewing the videos and looking at the sizing charts, contact us. We’ll probably ask you to send a picture of your dog so we can better suggest a harness size.

No. We will undoubtedly love the photos and think your dog is gorgeous, but we would appreciate if you’d follow these directions – it works for us:

For the picture:

Please have the dog in a standing position and profile (side ) view. Stand your dog in front of a doorway (doorhandle showing) so we can get a quick visual comparison and can better guage the height, length, depth of chest and overall body-type of the dog.

Send Photo to

There is a slight difference in these kits which is seen in the harness and line.

The Sport Starter Kit is meant to be as lightweight as possible. The Sport Shorty harness is made from lightweight nylon webbing in plain, solid colors and the lightweight canicross line is built with polyethylene rope. The bungee section and leader line are built solely for the purpose of use with the belt either together, or separated to create a short bungee lead.

The Designer Starter Kit offers a Designer Shorty harness which has a brighter look with funky designs in a tubular webbing. The tubular webbing is used to build the harness and because it’s tubular, we are able to impregnate it with the bungee to create a softer 3 in 1 lead. We’ve also built handles into the short bungee section and the leader line of the 3 in 1 lead – so each piece can be used separately.

Each product; harness, belt & line – is made with all the same high quality padding and exact design in both kits and will not differ other than the points mentioned.

The only difference in these two kits is the webbing in the harnesses and option of harness type in the Sport kit.

The Sport Starter Kit offers a Sport Shorty Harness which is built with a lightweight nylon webbing in plain, solid colors. The Sport kit also offers an option of a Regular X-Back sleddog harness instead of the Shorty Harness.

The Designer Starter Kit offers a Designer Shorty harness which has a brighter look with funky designs in a tubular webbing. CanaDog does not manufacture a Regular X-Back harness in tubular webbing so it is not offered with the Designer Skijor Starter Kit.

Firstly, 99% of those companies do not train and race their own competitive kennel of dogs in all facets of Dog Powered Sports. While a Regular X-Back harness is a nice, generic fitting harness which will work for almost any pulling exercise – it’s not great when there is an incline in the line – from the point of attachment on the harness up to a runners, skiers, bikers waist height.

This picture tells the story:


CanaDog’s Shorty harness is designed to accommodate the incline of the line for these activities. The pulling points aren’t shifted and the comfort of the harness is not compromised – whatever the terrain.

That said, on larger, taller, oversize dogs, we will suggest the Regular X-Back Oversize harness because there is minimal incline when the dog is very large.

We thank everyone who goes out and markets our gear for us! It’s great to hear and we totally get where your coming from – it’s why we started manufacturing premium, superior gear for active athletic dogs and their owners. It’s definitely not pet stuff – it’s sporting gear for dogs. Their very own premium brand – if dog’s could talk I’m sure we’d have the top athletes in Dog Powered Sports giving testimonials and endorsing our gear – instead we have their owners and some of the top racing kennels in the world doing that for them.

Look, the majority of retailers want to buy a pig’s ear out of china for a penny and sell it for $3 – the price point is their main concern. So, our made in Canada products, designed and built by ourselves cannot match the price point they are looking for because they can’t mark it up 400% and gouge their customers (YOU). They look at our harness and compare it to a cheap, polypropelene webbing walking harness with an O-ring sitting on the breast bone (NICE.. . We’d like to have those outlawed) and say it’s the same thing. Why do you need all that padding? I don’t get it?

We do offer wholesale to retailers, and we have a number of wise and thoughtful owners and buyers who actually look at product over price point. They GET us and our products are available in their stores. You can see the list of these awesome people on our CanaDog Near You page. Thank them! Go in a purchase our products from them if you are in the area!

Any other questions, please Contact Us